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Drug Free Treatment for Hemorrhoids Found Clinically

Med-Rite Laboratories is pleased to have achieved this clinical milestone, which reflects our commitment to advancing treatments for Hemorrhoid conditions, and constitutes a significant step toward improving quality of life for Hemorrhoid patients who are in need of drug free therapeutic options.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Clinical Study

Med-rite Laboratories presented clinical research about their FDA approved hemorrhoid treatment at the AAPIUSA Physicians convention. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 28, 2013 — Med-Rite Laboratories announces the successful completion of a clinical study for their FDA approved hemorrhoid treatment device. At the AAPIUSA Physicians convention held on June 15th 2013 in Dallas,TX organized by TIPS, Dr. Hitesh B. Yagnik, MD, […]

Treatment of uncomplicated hemorrhoids with a Hemor-Rite

Hemorrhoidal disease has been one of the most common human ailments. Hippocrates (460–377 BC) in the Hippocratic Corpus made reference to hemorrhoids and proposed medical and surgical treatments. Galen (131–201 AD) in De Medicina described hemorrhoid ligation and extirpation of hemorrhoids, as well as their complications. Maimonides (1235–1305 AD) in his Treatise on hemorrhoids noted […]